Things to Look for When Selecting a Criminal Defense Lawyer


When you’re faced with a legal issue that might involve probation, jail term, or penalties, you cannot risk handling the legal situation without the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. You should get help from a lawyer with the knowledge, reputation, and the expertise to take care of your case together with the prosecutors, courts, and judges.

After an individual gets released from jail either on cash or signature bond, he should prepare for his defense immediately. The best approach to getting ready for the case is by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

You will find guidelines that you need to follow when looking for a defense attorney.

  1. Do an Internet search for a competent criminal defense lawyer who practices in the region where you’re being faced with criminal charges. Narrow down your search

by focusing on those professionals who have specialized in criminal cases.

  1. Choose about four law firms for your pick of criminal defense attorney. Go through the attorney’s credentials and history. Verify their court experience in the case which you’re facing. Know more about lawyers at

  1. Go to the sites of the big and most reputable criminal defense associations and look for that attorney’s name. Also, limit the search for the attorney to the ones affiliated to highly regarded attorney’s associations.

  1. Check the veracity of the area of specialization the criminal defense attorney claims to be in. Additionally, look at the local TV channels and the State Journal website.

  1. Call or visit the Abood Law Firm to confirm if they offer initial consultation for free so you can learn more about the possibilities for their company representing you in your case.

  1. Check for articles, published books and treatises which written by the criminal attorney. This is a powerful evidence of the proficiency of your legal counsel.

  1. Confirm the number of outright acquittals the attorney has won. This is great evidence not just on the expertise of the attorney but also on their level of preparation as well as general court demeanor.

  1. If there’s a referral for the attorney from the state bars, then you’re assured of the integrity and competence of the criminal defense attorney. You can even go through the state bar’s website to acquire your lawyer’s background info.

  1. Look at the feedback of the legal professionals and commentators of criminal law. Also, watch the local TV shows that contain criminal law forums. An invitation of an attorney into such forums signify that he is highly regarded in the field of law.

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